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dodgeball sessions

As well as it being one of the most fun packed exciting sports you can play, there are always a number of other benefits to participating in dodgeball sessions, including:

- You get a great cardiovascular workout.

- You will increase your agility.

- Your reactions will mprove dramatically.

- Your concentration levels will improve

- helping you in everyday tasks.

- You will develop top notch team-building skills.

This high energy game will have participants smiling, laughing and screaming throughout! Our experienced, energetic and engaging coaching team will provide a positive, safe environment where children learn the FUNdamentals of the sport and experince lots of high-intensity game play!

clacton juniors

Dodgeball Clacton

for 7-13 year olds

6.30pm - 7.25pm on Wednesdays @Clacton Leisure Centre

colchester juniors

Clochester Dodgeball

for 7-13 year olds 5.35pm - 6.30pm

o Tuesdays @Thomas Lord Audley School, Monkwick. 

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