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@Clacton Leisure Centre


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Boot camp workouts, think ‘group training sessions’, think ‘fun’ and think ‘challenging’. Differing styles of fitness programmes. In these circuit-training-style sessions, you can expect to work hard and get hot and sweaty but also enjoy a new dimension to exercising, because of the variety that the sessions bring.

By providing a mixture of strength exercises and cardiovascular exercises, a good boot camp session will work the heart and lungs and give almost every muscle in your body a workout. Sessions involve a warm-up and cool-down, bodyweight exercises, running, stretching, relays, and exercises with partners.

Boot camp sessions are intense; however, they are suitable for novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike, because individuals will be allowed to work at their own personal level and intensity. Expect to sweat during a boot camp session and make sure you push yourself - whatever your ability - to get the most out of the training.

For any further info or if you have any queries, please get in touch via email on

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